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Diseases from Wildlife

Important Tip!

Enjoy watching animals from a safe distance. Touching wild animals may harm you or the animal.


In most of the United States, it is against the law for you to own any wild animals or non-human primates (monkeys) without a permit. However, people sometimes come into contact with these animals. Like other animals, wild animals and primates can get diseases. Some of these diseases, called zoonoses (see below), can cause illness in people. Since wild animals (including monkeys, raccoons, and skunks) can carry diseases that are dangerous to people, ODNR discourages direct contact with wildlife.PLEASE CONTACT a Wildlife Professional Trapper, such as ourselves, for Removal and IF Requried, Sanitization of Area affected.

Learn more about selected diseases of a particuliar wildlife animal that may reside in your area or RESIDENCE:


Chart of Diseases From Wildlife



Zoonotic Diseases: Zoonotic diseases are diseases that are transferred from animals to people. While common sense can often prevent transmission of many diseaes, others, such as those transferred through contamination from animal waste, are harder to avoid. You can click on the chart below or on the animal to find various diseases of nuisance wildlife species. If the wildlife was residing in your attic, please have them safely and properly removed, exclusion to the area preformed, and the area inspected by a firm like ourselves for any contamination. If required, the area might have to be santizied and restored to remove any danger of bacteria forming. 




Opossum Diseases That You Might Contrive


Diseases Associated With Bats That Could Affect You If Not Dealt With Properly


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