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Wildlife & Environmental Solutions are not merely trappers, but LICENSED AND INSURED family owned and operated providing complete service in Wildlife Control "Since 1998" for all of the Northeastern Ohio Area. We can and will resolve any conflicts you may have with wildlife in a humane and professional manner. Bees and Hive removal is just one of our services we can perform. 

Beehive Removal and Relocation

Providing information and help for Bees and Bee Hive Removal in the Northeastern Ohio Area. Service for beehive removal in structural voids: roofs, walls, attics, chimneys, buildings in addition to beehives on shrubbery. Beehives are relocated in most cases to a local apiaries vs. exterminating them with pesticides.


Bee Proofing - Recurring Bee Problems

After removing a beehive, it may be necessary to keep the hive from returning to the structure. This is done through bee proofing, which is a method of exclusion involving materials and techniques that are specialized for the prevention of structural bee infestations. Bee proofing works best as a preventive method. Sealing a beehive in a structure creates a myriad of additional problems. When bees are removed warrantees can be very valuable because if the bees are not removed properly it is common for them to return to the same location or a location nearby


Beehive Removal and Repair

The most effective way to keep bees from returning is to carefully remove the beehive and all the honeycomb; clean, treat and suppress the hive scent of that hive, then repair the area that was used to access the hive

Other Services We Can Provide Are:

Raccoon Damage ~ Bat Exclusion Guano Removal (AKA Bat Feces)

Removal of Urine and Feces Contaminated Attic Insulation,

Replace With New Insulation Sanitization & Restoration of Areas

Chimney Screens ~ Deck Screening ~ Skunk Odors

Dead Animal Removal ~ Beavers 

Squirrels Trapping & Re-Locating of Wildlife


We Can Provide Services and Repairs That MAY BE COVERED Under Your Home Owners Insurance

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