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Providing Your Solution to Wildlife Control & 
Re-Location in The Northeastern Ohio Area.
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Fall Has Arrived,
Can You Feel It?
  Please remember as you enter our site and you have a wildlife problem, it best be handled by a professional firm, such as ourselves. Then, and only then, can you have peace of mind that neither yourself, family member, or pet will be bitten or injured, Also the EXCLUSION, and if needed, the biological cleanup will be done properly to your residence.
Thank you for stopping by and I hope some of the information I have compiled will be helpful to you and if you have any questions please call me, Ken.
 Mother Nature's Critters" Can, They Are Marching, With A Family In Tow, Heading Towards Your Residence. It Will Make A Perfect Site As A New Home For Raising A Family & A Food Source. How Could They Find Such A Warm and Cozy Place For The Forth Coming  Winter Months.
Did You Make It Accesible For Them To Enter??? 

Click Here IF You Think Raccoons Aren't Aggressive

We Have Been Providing A Wide Range Of Services For 27 Counties In The Northeast Ohio Area "Since 1998" for Wildlife Control & Re-Location.

Raccoon Exclusion & Damage ~ Bat Exclusion ~ Guano Removal

Sanitization & Restoration of Areas

Chimney Screens & Deck Screening

Skunk Odors ~ Dead Animal Removal

Wildlife Control ~ Trapping & Re-Location

Beavers ~ Squirrels ~ Opossums

We Can Provide Service and Repairs That MAY BE COVERED Under Your Home Owners Insurance That Was Caused By Wildlife Damage

We are a full service wildlife removal and control company that is family-owned and operated since “1998”. Every Fall, thousands of people in the Northeastern Ohio Counties are bothered by raccoons, squirrels, skunks, bats, birds and groundhogs. I hope that through my website I will provide you with detailed information on these animals including their behavior, habitats, physical descriptions, reproduction information, life spans, habits , diseases, and more. Also, the services that I could provide for you in removing, controlling, or trapping your "pesky critters".
Most people know who to call when they see ants, cockroaches and termites crawling around, but many of these pest control professionals are not trained in wildlife damage management. The same maybe true of animal control officers, fire, police and others engaged in public safety professions. We are capable of handling any type of wild animal problem, from squirrels or raccoons in the attic, bat removal and control, trapping, screening of chimneys or decks, to complete sanitization and restoration of the area affected . Wildlife & Environmental Solutions professionals will provide the complete solution for your problem. If you need to rid your residence of those “pesky critters” with the care and the expertise required.
Please contact us by Phone or Email asking for Ken:

(440) 669-4499 or SolutionWildlife@SBCGlobal.net

Ms. Oppossum Resting In Your Attic

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Repairing Roof Damage Caused By Raccoons
Another Generation of Franklins Learnig the Profession


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