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Why are bats good? A single bat can eat 600 insects in an hour. (Forget the bug lights; let's get some bats!) Bats are not bad creatures in general. In fact they are excellent for the environment. However, they can cause a serious issue if they decide to roost in your home. Their droppings can pile up quickly and can cause a number of diseases. Histoplasmosis being the main diseases associated with guano. If bats roost in your attic, you need to get them out as quickly as possible. They can cause many problems with smell and parasites as well.

When dealing with the exclusion of bats it is advisable to hire a professional, like us, who will be able to remove ALL THE BATS without danger to you, secure your residence, sanitize the area affected, and if needed remove and replaced your contaminated insulation

Areas To Look For Where Bats Can enter

If you have one or more bats in the living area of your home, we can come remove them. However, this usually is a sign of more bats roosting in your attic or similar area. First, Let me assure you that most bats do not have rabies (less than 1%) But it is possible for bats to carry rabies. Next, please be assured they are not attracted to hair and will not try to fly into your hair. Bats are also not blind as many people think they are. They have good vision, but they have excellent hearing and use it to locate their food. It is called Echolocation. (Echolocating animals emit calls out to the environment, and listen to the echoes of those calls that return from various objects in the environment.


YES, it can be expensive, but much less expensive than a human life.

If your home has bats, please be aware that it is imperative that you have them excluded properly and have the home cleaned properly. Bat exclusion involves sealing your entire home, top to bottom, except for one exit point. If the bats leave and can not get back in the way they normally do, they will instantly search for a new way into your home. Since bats only need a tiny opening to enter a home,( A Quarter OF An Inch Or More) if there is one, they will find it. Bats locate these places by the airflow, not by sight. We (humans) locate them mostly by sight (although some airflow is able to be seen with proper equipment). If bats are excluded from your home, and can find their way back in, they will. It is their home too (even though they don't pay rent), and they will not leave it unless they must..THAT IS OUR JOB, to force them to leave.
Giving them no choice in the matter !!!

A Bat Finding An Entrance To Your Residence

To properly do this, your entire home must be sealed. Even if there are no obvious openings, they are most likely there. Finding them and sealing them is important.

Once this is done, and it is the proper time of sure they are all out, it is necessary to give them a few days, usually 3 to 6 days. Then the last exit point is sealed, and the area cleaned. Most of the time, this means that it is necessary to remove some if not all insulation in the areas they have been dwelling. Often there are areas the bats have been

that we cannot get to, and this requires the use of a disinfecting "fog" or "mist" to be used. Sometimes special HEPA filtered vacuum cleaners are needed as well. It is important to have bats removed correctly for them as well as for you. year (spring before birthing, and late summer / fall after the young can fly), we exclude the bats, giving them a way to leave, but not able to return into the home.


If you have a wildlife problem, such as with BATS, it best be resolved by a professional firm, such as ourselves. Then, and only then, can you have peace of mind that that neither you, a family member, or pet will be bitten or injured, Also the EXCLUSION, and if needed, the biological cleanup will be done properly.

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