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Which Chimney Was Unprotected?

Raccoons cause damage or nuisance problems around houses and outbuildings when they seek to gain entrance to attics or chimneys or when they raid garbage in search of food. In many urban or suburban areas, raccoons are learning that uncapped chimneys make very adequate substitutes for more traditional hollow trees for use as denning sites, particularly in spring. In extreme cases, raccoons may tear off shingles or facia boards in order to gain access to an attic or wall space.


As new homes begin to appear in formally forested areas, humans now provided a food sourse for wildlife. This sourse comes as roadside trash, household garbage, compost, gardens, fruit trees, bird seed, suet, lawn grubs, pet food, road kills, ETC... . These food sources enhance the food supply for adaptable species like raccoons and skunks.


 What to do? If you're concerned about potential conflicts with wildlife, make your home and yard as unattractive to animals as possible. Eliminate all artificial food sources, take in bird feeders, enclose the compost pile, and secure your trash in covered containers. Eliminate the shelter and potential den sites by screening off crawl spaces and capping the chimney


If you have a wildlife problem, it best be handled by a professional firm, such as ourselves. Then, and only then, can you have peace of mind that that neither yourself or family member will be bitten or injured and if required, a biological cleanup will be done properly if needed.

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