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Raccoons become a nuisance in many ways. "Coons" will raid unsecured trash cans, steal pet food left outside or inside if left next to a cat or dog door, damage fruit and vegetable gardens, and take up residence in your attic or chimney, typically, in the spring time when babies are born. Raccoons are one of the most common animals nuisance wildlife controllers deal with due to the fact that they have adapted well to urban and suburban environments. Most damage caused by raccoons occurs during the early spring when females are pregnant. Females have learned that human dwellings are a great place to raise young. They will destroy soffits, tear off shingles, remove siding and chimney caps and take off mushroom vent caps just to gain access to your home. Once inside they will destroy insulation and wires to modify the house to their liking. Raccoon droppings pose another threat altogether. Their droppings may contain Raccoon Roundworm. Raccoons are the number one carrier of rabies and can spread Canine Distemper. After raccoons have resided in the attic for any period of time insulation damage is a common site. Loose fill insulation will become matted and compressed allowing heated air to escape into the attic in the winter and hot air to enter the home in the summer. If the raccoons are inside your home raccoon trapping, removal and exclusion are the only option. First, raccoons must be removed, only then can all entrance points be sealed. After raccoon removal is complete the animal feces should be cleaned up, treat coon feces as a biohazard, and the area disinfected and deodorized. We are one of Northeast Ohio’s premier animal waste removal and insulation contractor.



Nuisance or sick raccoons may be trapped without a permit, but it is illegal (under Ohio Law) to live trap and relocate them to a new area. Raccoons can transmit rabies, canine distemper, and parvovirus to domestic animals and humans In order to prevent the possible spread of raccoon diseases in Ohio. All live trapped raccoons MUST be released again on the homeowner's property or humanely euthanized. Nuisance or sick skunks and opossums may be trapped without a permit, but as with raccoons, they may not be relocated




Cute critters aren't they?  You probably won't think so for long if you've got 'um in your attic (walls, house, etc.).  I'll skip over all the harm they can do and just say the longer they're there the harder they will be to get rid of, and there are some horror stories. Forget about poisons, repellants (moth balls are a myth), etc.  Rat poison will just have them rotting and smelling in your walls anyway.  Don't board up their entry to shut 'um in or out (they just gnaw new holes).  None of these methods are good enough. Once the squirrels have been removed, their entry points must be secured Squirrels  can entered the house through the soffit at roof level, then into the attic, and began removing insulation from the walls. They can fit through anything they can get their head through.  Once inside, their curiosity drives them to explore. If you don't have a chimney trap/guard it's an invitation. If they were there for a long time (2 years?) they will have left smells that will attract more squirrels for a couple of years so be vigilant.


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