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Ken’s June "Critters" are Skunks

Skunks are unusual, funny, amazing, friendly animals that just have a bad reputation. Most complaints about skunks are attributable to rumor and falsehood, and a pungent defensive weapon. Skunks learn quickly and remember well, especially when it comes to food; this often leads to "repeat offenses" and more bad press. Skunks were once thought to be part of the same animal family as weasels, ferrets, and badgers. Now, thanks to DNA testing, they are recognized as more distantly related to other animals and were identified as a separate family. The common striped skunk is the most well known in the United States, due to its extensive habitat range, it's size (up to 12 pounds), and it's distinctive striped markings. Domestic skunks are commonly bred from direct lines of the striped skunk; however some cross breeding between the striped and hooded skunks is accepted as cause for the varied colors and pattern markings on domestic skunks.


 Wild skunks warn predators and competitors by stomping their front feet and raising their tails in full bloom.

Skunks will run directly toward a threat and stop (sometimes within inches), then stomp and hiss or squeal. If the enemy doesn't heed the warnings the skunk will turn and spray.

Skunks make sounds like a squealing pig, they also grunt, whine, screech, and will even chirp like a bird...

 Wild skunks come out in the evening and early morning hours usually resting at night and sleeping during the day. In the winter and early spring skunks may be seen out of their dens at almost any time of day, especially before and after long periods of snow cover or prolonged cold weather. Skunks do not hibernate in winter; they do sleep more but will come out of the den to forage for food when they are not snowed in. The main predators of the skunk are owls and other large birds of prey. Most birds cannot smell much if at all and are not bothered by the skunk spray odor, and the birds strike fast from above, so a skunk has little defense in their attacks.

I have received many inquiries on how to get rid of skunks that are living under a deck or house. By screening in your deck and/or closing any openings around your residence, when the skunk returns just before dawn finding no access, he will look for a NEW HOME. As for the Odor he may have left behind, we provide latest commerical method for odor removal in a residence


This “Critter” should not be approached!!!

 A professional, such as our selves, should be contacted. We will, if possible, humanely re-located the “Critter” and properly cleaned and sanitized the area.

 Please give me a call for more information at: 440-669-4499 or Email Us at SolutionWildlife@sbcglobal.net

If you have a wildlife problem, such as with a SKUNK OR ANY WILDLIFE , it best be handled by a professional firm, such as ourselves. Then, and only then, can you have peace of mind that that neither yourself or family member will be bitten or injured and if required a biological cleanup will be done properly if needed.


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