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Can't The City or County Take Care of the Problems for Free?

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Can't the City or County take care of the problem for free?

Many people in Ohio live with problems that they do not realize are potentially dangerous. 

 People ignore bat colonies, squirrels in the wall even raccoons in the chimney because they do not understand the potential health risks to themselves or their family

Often people are under the impression that they cannot do anything about wild animals, because they are protected, well the truth is that all wildlife are protected in one form or another But then again so are people. People are also under the impression that their taxes should cover wildlife issue’s and try to depend on the local fire department or Animal Control Officers.

Ohio’s general law (MGL) gives property owners the right to use lawful means to destroy wildlife in the act of causing damage or threatening personal safety. The public may only address wildlife actually causing damage or posing immediate threats and may not randomly destroy wildlife as a preventive measure.

As with any job description the removal of wildlife takes professional training and specific insurance requirements and municipal employee’s are not covered to be working on or performing services on private property, and are specifically prohibited by law from referring private sector work to themselves or each other.

Ohio’s General law does allow for the division of Fish & Game to allow certain individuals called "Problem animal control agents" to lawfully trap and remove wildlife for a fee.

A long time ago, in a county far, far away, a person could call the government sponsored county animal services, complain about the raccoon eating from their cat's dinner dish, and get the problem (slowly) taken care of. Then the problem grew too large and expensive, and counties across the land decided not to help out with wild animal problems any more. City and county agencies only take care of domestic animal problems, specifically dog and cat problems. All wildlife issues fall into the hands of the private sector - the state licensed nuisance wildlife trappers.

If you have a problem with a dog or a cat (one that doesn't involve something tricky like going into an attic or under a crawl space), you can go ahead and call the county or city animal services.


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