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Can I Relocate My Nuisance Animal?

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Can I Relocate My Nuisance Animal?


The goal to save our wildlife population is not identical to saving all individual animals. History has taught us that relocation of animals, domestic or wild, can be hazardous to the environment. Often the problems of relocation are not recognized for several months or years. What starts out as a good deed for some animals turns into a nightmare for many other animals.  Relocation of animals into an environment may not make sense for the animals already present in the area. Unless relocation is managed, it can destroy more wildlife than it saves. Animals may appear normal but harbor various diseases. Once disease has been introduced into a wildlife population, it can spread, causing death in a susceptible population. Relocating diseased animals from one population to another is hazardous.  Nuisance or sick raccoons may be trapped without a permit, but it is illegal (under Ohio Law) to live trap and relocate them to a new area. Raccoons can transmit rabies, canine distemper, and parvovirus to domestic animals and humans In order to prevent the possible spread of raccoon diseases in Ohio. All live trapped raccoons must be released again on the homeowner's property or humanely euthanized. Nuisance or sick skunks and opossums may be trapped without a permit, but as with raccoons, they may not be relocated

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